Yokai Monsters of Japanese Folklore - Half Sized Yarn Calendar


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👹“Japanese Yōkai Monsters”👹

(Yōkai (妖怪) are a type of supernatural monsters and spirits in traditional Japanese folklore)

I decided on this theme for a couple of reasons: 1) I ❤️ all things weird/lore/legends/folktales & 2) The winter months always feel like a time for storytelling, & when it’s cold outside I loove being cozy indoors with a knit and a good story to fall into. ☕️📖🧶

Also, just because they’re based off of traditional Japanese monsters doesn’t mean that these colorways are gloomy! Yōkai come in all shapes & sizes, some are actually kinda cute, some are creepy, & some are just weird (tbh)! There will defs be all types of OOAK variegated colorways that I hope will get everyone excited to open a mini every day!

What's included in the yarn calendar? このヤーンカレンダーの中には何が入っていますか?

- The Half-Sized Calendar: Includes the same first 12 (20g) mini skeins and the same (100g) full skein as the Full-Sized Calendar for a smaller, 13 day opening experience! It'll still include the same little cards and fun facts about the yōkai so that you can make a smaller yōkai booklet! // ハフサイズのカレンダーにはフルサイズの同じ最初の12日のミニーかせと同じフールかせが含まれており、13日分の開封体験ができます。それぞれのミニーカセには、対応する妖怪のイラストと豆知識が書かれた小さなカードが含まれているので、カレンダーの終わりには、小さな妖怪の小冊子を集めてすることができます!

When will the calendars ship? このカレンダーはいつに配達しますか?

I’m planning to ship all boxes in late Oct/early Nov! Fingers crossed that the Japan post office resumes regular int'l shipping by then! (Domestic orders will be shipped as usual) // 発送に関してですが 日本郵便のEMS(海外)日本郵便のユーパック(国内) を使って、10月下旬から11月上旬にボックスを発送したいと思っています。

-Please note: This item is NOT eligible for FREE Domestic (Japan) Shipping!!

Which bases can I choose from? ベースはどちらから選べますか?

- Trusty Sock: Fingering weight / 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon / 400 meters,437 yards per 100g skein / 4-ply

- Peruvian Wool Sock: Fingering weight / 100% Non-Superwash Peruvian Wool / 350 meters, 383 yards per 100g skein / 4-ply

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